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The National Digital Property Addressing System (NDPAS), National Identification Project (NIP) and Interoperable Electronic Platform (IEP) 8 Government of Ghana Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Project (IPEP)

The government aims to formalise the country’s economy by establishing a national database for easy identification and increased access to information on its citizens, locations and businesses. It launched the NDPAS and NIP in 2017 to enhance business activities in Ghana through the creation of a secure personal identification system for citizens and establishing proper national address and location systems, respectively. These projects are also expected to improve security and facilitate the deployment of emergency services.

An IEP was launched in May 2018 for the financial sector with the aim of reducing the risk of doing business in that sector. Also known as the bank interoperability system, it will interface mobile money transactions with the banking system to monitor and facilitate electronic transactions within the country. Once it has been implemented, it will also work together with the NIP to create a robust credit database which will reduce the cost involved in obtaining financing from financial institutions.

As the country continues to leverage on technology in the business space, many government institutions – including the Registrar General’s Department (RGD), the Passport Office and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) – are deploying online systems to serve their customers. The registration of businesses, applications for passports and filing of some taxes in specific GRA offices can now be conducted online. These innovations have not come without challenges, but the government remains positive that all the online functionalities will be fully functional by the end of 2018.