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Kente Cloth Manufacturing Factory Investing



Quick Pitch

Marrying Ghana is a start up Retail Company that sells Kente clothes which are African Ghanaian traditional outfits that are trendy, in demand and competitively priced. We focus on selling Kente clothes that are fashionable and based on current social trends. The current business plan lays out a strategy for starting our own factory for Kente clothes and two other stores with a funding of $1500000.

Our business model focuses on starting our own factory and producing the Kente clothes ourselves as we sell to the potential buyers. The Kente clothes will be sold to other clothing industries while having us as the main supplier. Kente clothes are on high demand and having a direct source instead of using third party will be a great advantage. Profit margin would be much higher if we manufacture our own since we get to eliminate second and third parties costs.

However, in case we will not be able to start the factory immediately then we plan on selling the Kente clothes through our stores. We would then need funding for the 1st shipment of a 20ft container to fill our store or stores location up with the Kente Cloth. We will lease an open store location and fill it with inventory while seeking the full funding amount needed for factory projects and expenses. The estimated total net profit margin is $449,446 from a total of 45,000 pieces per 20ft container.

The opening of our stores will entail buying as third party. The use of third party to get Kente clothes for our stores will still attract a high profit margin for our business but not compared to having our own production factory. The factory will give us self dependence and significantly increase our net profit as well as give us an advantage of controlling the market and eliminating all competitors. This will enable us to have friendly retail prices and attract more customers.

Kente clothes are among the highly sort African attires in the states because they are fashionable and classy. Most of them have to be shipped from outside the country because the supply is low and high prices also turn away potential buyers. This is a niche that our company wants to fill by providing quality Kente clothes at affordable prices since the production will be in our hands. Online sellers would not be able to compete nor would any locals in Ghana as they pay next to nothing to their weavers as we would pay a living wage for what’s considered there even at $.0.35 is far above what they are being paid by the weave designers.


Product/Service Details

Kente cloth is originally from West Africa, specifically Ghana. It is one of the most widely known types of African cloth. It is made from interwoven cloth strips of silk and cotton. It has unique patterns and colors and is a representation of the West African culture. The Kente clothes will have a variety of colors; red, purple, gold, green, blue, white, yellow, silver, maroon and pink to meet clients’ needs.  The Kente prints have symbolic meaning based on the color. We will sell the Kente fabric in four different types and two specific sizes that is 6 yards and 8 yards with 45 to 46 inches width. The material will be thick and made of heavy quality cotton. The Kente fabric is ideal for making African dresses, shirts, skirts, casual shorts and even kente scarf.

We will also have the different outfits made from Kente fabric based on a customer order. This will save the customer the hustle of going to find a tailor after purchasing the Kente from our stores. The outfits will be made to precision and customer’s satisfaction.

Marrying Ghana will also have online marketing/sales of Kente clothes through our own Android/IOS app that is soon to be completed. Our customers will be able to access our products through the app or website and get it delivered to their preferred location. This makes shopping easier for potential buyers’


Traction & Accomplishments

We are in the process of our first Android/IOS app in the works now due for completion in a few days for MGKente.com. MGDating.com is also being worked on to help boost our brand with low cost date site for consumers. These will fall under Marrying Ghana Inc. as their mother company along with future projects.

Kente clothes are on high demand and most retailers currently in America are not able to meet the demand as well as the quality of the fabric differs with a lot of poor quality seen in the markets due to high pricing of the original Kente. This creates for us an open market due to the increasing demand and the provision of high quality material will attract more customers. The rollout of our own website and app will create a unique marketing experience compared to our competitors and this will enable us increase our market share as much as possible.

The starting of a production factory of Kente will target the retailers who have to get products from third party as we will be able to supply directly to them. This will also help us ensure that the fabric’s quality is the best and different designs can be made based on customer’s demands.


How We Are Different

Marrying Ghana Inc. is different because we offer high quality Kente cloth original from West Africa.  We have unique designs and prints that will give the customer a range of options to select from. The variety of colors also provides a wider range since most competitors mostly focus on three main colors which are red, blue and yellow. The different colors will give the customer a wonderful shopping experience. The e-commerce marketing and sales sets us apart from our competitors as potential buyers from all over will be able to purchase our products and not only limited to the stores’ locations.

Marrying Ghana Inc. will provide an opportunity to bring the West African culture to the world through the most known African fabric, Kente. The Kente fabric prints have a meaning that is significant based on Ghanaian people. Our main focus will be to offer excellent customer service to all potential buyers, offer the best quality Kente fabrics at competitively low prices and increase potential customer base to international markets through ecommerce. With our consistent manufacturing of high quality products and moderate pricing, we will have the edge of attracting many more customers by delivering a wide range of Kente clothes.